Wilson's Landing kayak trip May 25, 2013

Today was a beautiful day with a cool breeze to start. As it warmed up, the Gators came out to sun. There were a few Turtles out too and the Swallow-tailed Kites flew through as if to say "hello". The Great Blue and Little Blue Herons flew in and out of site as did the White Ibis and Anhingas. The Southern Magnolias at the landing are in full bloom and the sweet smell dotted the air as we passed by. The Limpkin showed up for just a quick glimpse and the blue coming back from Wilson's Landing painted the sky as pretty as a postcard.


Jules said...

Wow,,,that was fast. Thanks for sending the pics. It was nice meeting you both. We had a great time today. Thanks for the adventure!

Neil said...

Thanks Jen. We had an amazing time. Caroline and I thought Isabel would get bored but she loved it and took a shine to Kenny....... She said earlier "I like Kenny he's a clever man and knows a lot about nature'". Thank you both for making it a special day and making my daughter's first Kayak experience a very memorable one. I have promised to take her to the Ardennes in Belgium now because she liked it so much. Thanks again.