What a great way to celebrate your birthday! Kayaking the Wekiva River August 1, 2015

The weather was good to us today as we set out on the Lower Wekiva River. It's magical enough to make you wonder just how many have lived, played, enjoyed and cherished this river before us. The Pink Mallow, yellow Spatterdock and purple Pickerel Weed flowers decorate the river with color, the Giant Leather Fern is like a sentinel. The Ospreys were perched high in the trees with the Anhingas while the Red-shouldered Hawks and Swallow-tailed Kites were copping thermals. It's amazing how Mother Nature puts together layers of Water Lettuce with Mallow and Spatterdock with Bull Rush and Cattails. The Great Blue Heron just sitting there preening was a nice sight and the Little Blues were seen in the white and blue phases. A Great Egret was fishing across from our launch spot and we got to see a few Gators and Turtles out sunning. We celebrated 3 birthdays today on the river so with that we'll say Happy Birthday to You!

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