Paddling the Wekiva, May 1, 2013

Richard, Janet and Erik paddled the Wekiva River with our lead guide Kenny on the 1st day of May, 2013. The weather held out nicely for us and we got to see the Anhingas, Great Blue and Little Blue Herons, a Gator or 2 and some Turtles, the Limpkins were out and then a Swallow-tailed Kite flew overhead. There's always lots going on on the river ;-).

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Richard, Janet & Erik said...

Hi Jenny, Hi Kenny,

Being back to Lima I now find time to thank you for the great tour on May 1st and Kenny's photos.
It was a very special experience in a peaceful environment - so different from the mainstream tourism things-to-do. We are looking forward to kayaking again in the near future. In case we return to Florida for vacations we will certainly contact you for another tour.
Again, thank you for the beautiful day we had with you.

Best wishes from Peru,
Richard, Janet & Erik