Kayaking near Tavares, FL November 10, 2015

Heavy overcast skies met us this morning on the Lower Wekiva River. With ponchos ready we set out to see what we could find and the Wekiva came alive. We saw Ospreys out diving for fish, Anhingas, White Ibis, Great, Little Blue and Tri-colored Herons were all looking for breakfast too. As the skies cleared the River Cooter Turtles and Red- Bellied Turtles came out to sun on the logs. In the swamps you could hear Eastern Phoebes, Gray Catbirds, Pileated and Red-bellied Woodpeckers sounding off all around us. On the way back to the park we got to see the Wild Turkeys hanging out on the riverbank and that's all just good stuff!

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