Kayaking near Altamonte Springs to celebrate Memorial Day 2014

We celebrated Memorial Day 2014 with a nice paddle up the Wekiva River. If you splash a little of the river on yourself, it's an instant cool down... life is good. The Ospreys were out dive bombing for fish and the Anhingas were out sunning. With the water almost clear you can see the Eel Grass starting to bloom. It has such a unique way of making that happen. It sends a long stem up to the surface and it's tiny flower sticks up out of the water just enough so the insects can pollinate it. Mother Nature is an amazing wonder. We stopped for a snack and then drifted back downstream nice and easy, it was a cool deal!


The Boyd's said...

Teresa posted;
Thanks! We had a great time. We will look you up again on our next

The Boyd's said...

Gary posted;

Had a great time on the kayaking trip. Kenny is an awesome guide. We will be back some day and make sure to recommend you to friends.