Kayaking in Seminole Country November 9, 2013

We had 2 generations of the Garcia family with us today paddling in Seminole country. The Wekiva River has been home to several Indian tribes in it's past life and it's easy to understand why they picked this place to call home. Miguel and Miguel took a tour with Kenny and the Great Blues, Little Blues (white and blue phases) and Tri-colored Herons came out to pose for a photo or 2. The Osprey, Wild Turkeys, Phoebes, Red-shouldered Hawks, Anhingas and even some River Cooter and Red-bellied Turtles were enjoying the day as well. We paddled upstream around the island then down stream for a good bit and as luck would have it the Big Gator showed himself as the wind pushed us home.

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Mike Garcia said...


It was a pleasure being on the river kayaking with Kenny and I know we'll be back again. I wll be calling you when that time comes.

Thanks again,
Mike Garcia