Just west of Sanford...Blackwater Lake is an awesome place to paddle March 9, 2015

Bumping over logs and doing the limbo under the trees is all part of the fun of paddling Blackwater Lake. Coming out of the dark swamp into the sunshine and clear blue skies of the lake, the contrast is jaw dropping. The Cypress Trees are greening up and the Air Plants are in full bloom. As the Spanish Moss was swaying in the breeze the Osprey was calling out from their nest. It's like paddling in a place that time forgot...naturally spectacular!

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The Boyd's said...

Rick and Sue posted:

Hi Jenny and Kenny,

Thanks so much for another magical day of paddling Central Florida! Paddling here has become one of our vacation hi-lites, and you guys are a huge part of that experience. Thanks so much for the ease of signing up for paddles, the comradery and Kenny's ever informative yet very enjoyable narrative, and warm friendly conversation along the way. The paddle is surpassed only by the testimony, beauty, and wonder of God's creation! You guys are awesome! We'll be back--maybe even sooner than you might expect!

Rick and Sue