A perfect day for kayaking the Wekiva River Nov. 29, 2014

Today was perfect Florida weather and the Wekiva River was the place to be. The birds are out in droves and we had a Bald Eagle as our sentinel while we launched our kayaks from Katie's Landing. The river is overflowing it's banks which creates lots of paddling opportunities in the back bays and the Great Blue Herons, Little Blue and Tri-colored Herons were out fishing up a storm. The Great Egrets, Anhingas, Limpkins, Ospreys, Moorhens, Wood Storks and White Ibis were also out playing and they seemed to greet us as we paddle by. The Grebes are here now too, they are a funny lot. About the time you get to see one, it dives under the water like it's playing a game with us. After it warmed up there were lots of Red-bellied and River Cooter Turtles out sunning. The trees have their Fall colors now and we couldn't have asked for better company with which to share the day.

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